Resting (from mandalas)

A favourite word other than mandalas And a list of other favourites such as so and naps. Sometimes. I like that word. Have for a long time. I like it so much and have for so long, that I wrote a blog post about it! 12 years ago.... "I like the word Sometimes. It speaks [...]

Getting my cherry popped

Conversation: "Maybe I shouldn't have signed up for this. What if NO ONE visits my stall?" "Think of how embarrassing that would be!" "The table is free..." "It'll still be embarrassing". ~Visual of me sitting at a lonely table surrounded by a multitude of people crowding all other tables~ Someone whimpers. "The bag's terribly heavy, [...]

For a baby…

I have been blessed with many good friends (online and "real").  He goes by an online persona of Mr. Angellis and is one of my closest friends. He's funny and he takes time to listen (or read, as how it is with chatting online), and he's welcomed me into his soon to be little family [...]

Art therapy

I started this piece on Sunday. It was a weird feeling. I wasn't physically tired, but I was mentally. I wasn't sleepy, my mind wasn't feeling its mushy self like how it does after a work day, it was just tired. So, I decided to do a piece that wouldn't need me to think much [...]