Becoming in-tune

During medical school, I treated myself almost every month, hanging out at the local bookstore spending my dad's money on books. Not medical books. Novels. Twenty odd years ago (wow, I'm old), a hundred Malaysian ringgit could get me 10 novels . TEN! Anyways, on one particular day, I spied something that got me very [...]

Plans change

   About a week ago, I decided that I wanted to draw a mandala. Usually  the mandalas I draw e are free hand. However, I have always used a structured frame to guide me. It may be the lack of practice or I'm just not a good enough mandala artist,or I just am unable to [...]

Nagomi Pastel Art

During my time away from all things "bloggy", I actually did some stuff! It wasn't much, but it was something! A chance encounter with a Facebook post from someone on my friend's list there, I came across a workshop being conducted by Sarana Khoo. It was a 2.5 hour workshop on a Saturday morning and [...]

It has been named

Rember this little post? (little post) Well, I reached out to ask for help in naming this piece because for some weird reason my creativity totally fails me when it comes to naming any thing. I mean, I was tasked to name my little Jack Russel Terrier and I came up with the brilliant name of... [...]