Resting (from mandalas)

A favourite word other than mandalas And a list of other favourites such as so and naps. Sometimes. I like that word. Have for a long time. I like it so much and have for so long, that I wrote a blog post about it! 12 years ago.... "I like the word Sometimes. It speaks [...]

Getting my cherry popped

Conversation: "Maybe I shouldn't have signed up for this. What if NO ONE visits my stall?" "Think of how embarrassing that would be!" "The table is free..." "It'll still be embarrassing". ~Visual of me sitting at a lonely table surrounded by a multitude of people crowding all other tables~ Someone whimpers. "The bag's terribly heavy, [...]

Manifestation mandala

There are many different schools of thought on how to manifest. They range from vision boards, goal setting and affirmations to mediation, visualisation and releasing blocks to our own self worthiness. When one speaks of manifestation, many times we think about manifesting the ideal job, an ideal partner or abundance specially financial. The book, "The [...]

Gratitude mandala

The love of little things In the Aura Soma colour system, magenta represents gratitude in the form of the love of little things. You know, when we think of miracles the mind automatically envisions this major event where by some divine, unseen, inexplicable force almost magically turns around a disastrous or fatal situation. However, what [...]


When I started selling mandalas, a friend of mine asked me a few questions such as what is a mandala, how to use them and if it was allowed in religious believes. So, I decided I'd write this post about mandalas and what I understand them to be. Mandalas: what are they? Mandalas are basically [...]