Personal Aura Soma-Tarot readings

Aura-Soma readings 1“You are the colours you choose and these reflect the being’s need” – Vicky Wall

From the Aura-Soma Resource Book:

Aura means “light” and refers to the facets of coloured light within each of us, the potential of our soul whilst Soma refers to the being who resides in the body.

The Aura-Soma system is a non-intrusive, self-selective colour therapy designed to facilitate the connection between our light being and the light of our physical body. This connection, expressed primarily though colour, helps us become more aware of the light within ourselves and of the living energies of lights that surround us.

What to expect during the reading:

An Aura Soma reading with a twist.

The traditional Aura-Soma reading gives you an insight based on the colours you choose. Through the messages from these colours, there will come a learning and an understanding,

  • of what you want/need and who you are in this present time frame
  • what opportunities of growth are presenting themselves to you through your life experiences in this present time
  • what you are or may do about them
  • what future energies are flowing your way

The tool I use for these readings is the Aura Soma-Tarot-Oracale deck which contains both the colour and the tarot aspects, and so the readings I give will be a combination of both.

Sometimes, one can have a specific issues or questions that need guidance. Depending on the issue/question, we will explore the messages for you specific to them.

Each session takes you through a personal in-depth understanding to help you through or support you in whatever you may be facing.

Energy exchange:

Local: MYR 200/-

International: USD 55/-

Duration: 60- 75 minutes

Readings offered through: Face-to-face sessions or via Skype call.

Payment methods: For local clients, payment will be through bank transfer or direct cash (face-to-face sessions) and for international clients through Paypal.

Contact me for readings via:

Aura-Soma readings

More information:

The Aura-Soma reading is a tool, much like the more popular tarot or oracle card readings. The fundamental concepts of these methods are to primarily learn and grow. To learn (or more accurately, to remember) who we are, why certain things have or are happening in our life or why we feel a certain way. It takes us deeper than our conscious thoughts, and shines a light on aspects of ourselves and our life that require our attention. By this, the hope is to gain an understanding and, from this understanding a form of guidance as to the next step(s).

The future, I truly believe is in our hands. The free will of humans are in the choices we make in every moment and, therein lie the multiple possible consequences leading on to other choices.