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Energy through art

Intention mandalas

These mandalas were created with a specific intention. Intention, I believe is a powerful tool and forms the very basic foundation of books such as ‘The Secret”. Thought is said to be a form of energy, and quantum physics and quantum mechanics have speculated on the stream of consciousness behaving as the micro-particles studied in these fields.¹‚² However, ancient wisdom has already stated in a variety of ways on how our thoughts manifest our reality.

Colours too transmit energy. We know that of the visible colours red has the lowest vibration and is more dense, and therefore appears at the lowest when light is refracted. Violet on the other hand has a higher frequency and appears at the top. Then there are the colours that we cannot see with our naked eyes  either vibrating at a much lower or higher frequency.

The Inspired by Aura-Soma series

Aura-Soma is a non-intrusive and intuitive tool that helps us explore that which is within us and to guide us to our greatest potential. It was created by Vickie Wall and it’s main “tool” is called the Equilibrium bottle – to bring balance within us. The series of bottles consists of two layers, each with it’s own colours. At present, there are about 116 of these bottles with one new bottle being “birthed” or created each year.

In Aura-Soma, the phrase often used is “You are the colours you choose”, and when a reading is done using these Equilibrium bottles, the idea is to, without thinking, pick the bottles that “jump out at you” – for most times we truly do not know what our inner-self really needs or wants to say to our more conscious self.

These mandalas have been inspired by various bottles of Aura-Soma and carry with it the energies within each bottle.



Choosing your mandala prints

  • You like the colours and the patterns, and what it is as an art piece.
  • You scroll through the mandalas and any one (or more of them) attracts you the most. In these instances, don’t be surprised if you are ‘attracted’ to colours that you would normally not choose!
  • You have an intention that you want to focus on (e.g. you are a sales person or a teacher, and want to focus on communication).

Using your mandala:

  • You could use it as a focus point while meditating.
  • You could frame the print and place it in a place where you are most often or at your work desk.
  • You could laminate the smaller print and carry it with you.

Price of prints

Local purchase (Malaysia and Singapore)

Size: A4 (approximately 21 x 29.7 cm/8.3 x 11.7 in) or A5 (approximately 14.8 x 21 cm/5.8 x 8.3 in)

A5 prints are MYR 10.00 each.

A4 prints are MYR 15.00 each.

  • Price:
    • Malaysia: inclusive of postage
    • Singapore: an additional RM26.00 for postage
  • To order, kindly use the contact form at the end of the page with which mandala, size and quantity you want to purchase and I’ll get back to you with payment details within 24 hours.
  • Payment will be through bank transfer and/or PayPal

For International Purchase

These mandalas come in prints, stickers and notebooks from my RedBubble shop

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For financial abundance and success in work or business


To bring a sense of balance within yourself


To help with clearing any past trauma or negativity


Great for those who require communication at work or those seeking to communicate with more ease


Great for those who need focus when working or studying.


 Great for those who want to attract abundance in all its forms as gratitude opens the door for more good things.


Healing for the emotional aspect of self.


Joy full colour-WP-GIMP(1)

To bring a sense of joy and happiness


Great for those who want support in manifesting their dreams


Sleeptime mandala is great for those having trouble sleeping at night


 Inspired by Aura-Soma series

Rescue mandala


Peace mandala

Aura-Soma-Peace bottle - Bottle 2

Heart mandala

Aura-Soma-Heart bottle - Bottle 3

Sunlight mandala

Aura-Soma- Sunlight bottle- Bottle 4



Energy mandala


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