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Intention Mandalas

Energy through art

These mandalas have been created with a specific intention. Intention, I believe is a powerful tool and forms the very basic foundation of books such as ‘The Secret”. Thought is said to be a form of energy, and quantum physics and quantum mechanics have speculated on the stream of consciousness behaving as the micro-particles studied in these fields.¹‚² However, ancient wisdom has already stated in a variety of ways on how our thoughts manifest our reality.

Colours too transmit energy. We know that of the visible colours red has the lowest vibration and is more dense, and therefore appears at the lowest when light is refracted. Violet on the other hand has a higher frequency and appears at the top. Then there are the colours that we cannot see with our naked eyes  either vibrating at a much lower or higher frequency.



How to use these Intention Mandalas

There are three ways that you can first choose which mandala is appropriate:

  • You like the colours and the patterns, and what it as an art piece.
  • You scroll through the mandalas and any one (or more of them) seems to attract you the most. In these instances, don’t be surprised if you are ‘attracted’ to colours that you would normally not choose!
  • You have an intention that you want to focus on (e.g. you are a sales person or a teacher, and want to focus on communication).

When you decide to purchase a print, you can use them in a few ways:

  • You could use it as a focus point while meditating.
  • You could frame the print and place it in a place where you are most often or at your work desk.
  • You could laminate the smaller print and carry it with you.

Price of prints

Local purchase (Malaysia and Singapore)

Size: A4 (approximately 21 x 29.7 cm/8.3 x 11.7 in) or A5 (approximately 14.8 x 21 cm/5.8 x 8.3 in)

Paper: Kenzone card stock 180 gm, off white (white #2)

A5 prints are MYR 10.00 each.

A4 prints are MYR 15.00 each.

  • Price:
    • West Malaysia: inclusive of postage
    • East Malaysia & Singapore: an additional RM26.00-RM32 will be added
  • To order, kindly use the contact form at the end of the page with which mandala, size and quantity you want to purchase and I’ll get back to you with the full cost (inclusive of postage).
  • Payment will be through bank transfer

For International Purchase

These mandalas come in prints, stickers and notebooks from my RedBubble shop

For mandalas without affirmations

For mandalas with affirmations




 Abundance for financial independence and success in endeavours. Red, orange and yellow are the three “lower” chakras. They signify the material/worldy (red), creativity/creation (orange) and confidence (yellow). The green is a colour of healing, to overcome issues that we may have with financial success. Gold, is for precious metal.



 Balancing the chakras – the energy centres within the body. One the one side, the three lower chakras and the other the three higher chakras bridged by the heart chakra. When our chakras are balanced, like a well-oiled machine, our physical, emotional and mental aspects attain a balance and are in-tuned.



 Clearing of timelines, old believe systems and patterns. The orange represents the clearing and healing of timelines, the green – also healing while the violet represents the violet flame, known to dissolve and clear space and self.



Communication from the heart. For those who use communication in their work e.g. teachers, in sales and marketing, writers. Turquoise is related communication from the heart. It bridges the art of communicating with the intuition and gentleness of the heart (blue = throat chakra, green = heart chakra). The yellow is for confidence and the pinks and green are both for healing issues we have with communicating our truth and to do so in an environment of unconditional love. To communicate with others and to ourselves without judgement.



 Focus mandala. The colours of blue and purple, the third eye and crown chakra, the mind, are the colours of focus. It is sharp and concentrated. The yellows and orange represent the energy of the sun, when focused to a point it can spark a flame. And, when you look up at the night sky, the stars seem like pin points of glittering light, that can also represent focus. Great for those who need focus when working or studying.



Gratitude mandala. This mandala represents the love of small things with its magenta rich colour, together with reds and blues that make up the magenta colour. Great for those who want to attract abundance in all its forms as gratitude opens the door for more good things.



Healing for the emotional aspect of self. All of us have parts of ourselves that require healing because of different forms of trauma experienced in our lifetime, and the colours and patterns of this mandala focuses on the emotional aspect – the greens are colours of healing, the pinks represent unconditional love while the orange represents the healing of timelines. The yellow used in this mandala is called “sunburst yellow” – and like the life giving nature of the sun, helps to grow your emotional garden.


Joy full colour-WP-GIMP(1)

A mandala that carries the energies of joy. If looking at this mandala makes you want to smile or brings a spark of excitement within you, then be sure that it is calling out to you! Though the majority of these mandalas have colours that represent certain aspects, with this mandala, the colours that chose to be shown, just did.




Manifestation mandala. Using the mind to focus and/or visualise what you want to manifest, acknowledging your truth and accepting what you want and feeling it, strongly. Surrounded by the power of the solar plexus, the life giving, power house centre and releasing your intentions to the Universe, with trust.



Sleeptime mandala is great for those having trouble sleeping at night: If you have trouble sleeping at night, this may be the mandala for you. By using lighter shades of violet (mind/crown chakra) so that it looks more like lavender, the intention was to bring calmness to the mind. The light blue is also for calm while the dark blues in the centre and periphery represents the night sky. The yellow brings warmth and security while the green, healing as your body rests.


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