Mandalas – a brief overview

Journeying through self through mandala

Mandala is the Sanskrit work that roughly translates to “circle”. A circle can represent the whole or even the Universe. It’s complete and it’s never ending, much like our experiences and our life journey. These experiences or lessons flow one into the next depending on our choices whether they are made in consciousness or not. The mandala has been used as a form of meditation, either the creation of the mandala or colouring it. I have seen some Tibetan monks create intricate and gorgeous mandalas using coloured sand and then destroying them – a lesson in detachment. Carl Jung, the famous psychoanalyst used mandala as a form of therapy for his patients to help them in the process of individuation – a journey for finding the Self through the self.

There is joy and a sense of peace that can come from using mandala creations as you use the colouring process as a form of meditation. Allowing the chatter of the mind to slow down as you observe the thoughts coming up and then letting them go. It can also be a form of clearing at times.

Drawing Mandalas

Learning to draw a mandala is simple and fun! It’s all about shapes and whatever designs you can imagine put onto paper in a repetitive form. It can be very simple or it can get intricate, it’s all up to you and they will all look beautiful. Again, this can be a form of meditation as we become mindful of the movements of our hands and breath, the repetitive patterns allowing us to calm down as we focus on creating the mandala.

If you’re interested, click here to see a simple how to for drawing a mandala!