Freelance Writing

Work experiences

Since leaving university in 1998, with a medical degree, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to “play the field” within my knowledge base. The majority of my working life was spent within the Malaysian Ministry of Health hospitals as a practicing doctor in various departments. Opportunities within clinical research, the pharmaceutical industry and finally the medical communications industry came knocking and, taking the chance on these have allowed for rich experiences and personal growth.

What I bring as a medical writer

  • Medical knowledge (trained medical doctor).
  • Experiences from the perspectives of the practicing healthcare professional from government and private primary healthcare sectors, medico-marketing aspect of the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries and a medical writer.
  • The ability to manage multiple projects at different stages of development efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Working independently or in a team.




*Copyright ownership of materials developed belongs to the individual client and are subject to non-disclosure.

** This client list is based off projects I have been involved with as a medical writer in employ at a medical communications company.

Contact information

Drop me an email at anitashree(dot)jacob(at)gmail(dot)com or post a comment and I’ll get back to you!


Contact me through Fiverr at

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