Abundance mandala

This is the first mandala that I drew when I wanted to sell my mandala art. Abundance is a good mandala to start with as like anyone else, that is something that I want to attract into my life as well. The symbol in the centre was chosen as it represents prosperity in the Chinese [...]


When I started selling mandalas, a friend of mine asked me a few questions such as what is a mandala, how to use them and if it was allowed in religious believes. So, I decided I'd write this post about mandalas and what I understand them to be. Mandalas: what are they? Mandalas are basically [...]

For a baby…

I have been blessed with many good friends (online and "real").  He goes by an online persona of Mr. Angellis and is one of my closest friends. He's funny and he takes time to listen (or read, as how it is with chatting online), and he's welcomed me into his soon to be little family [...]

A 7-point mandala

So..the basic form of a mandala, its foundation, is a circle. The circle to me represents the following (a hodge-podge of what I've read, heard and feel 😉 ) A wholeness that encompasses the Universe and everything within it. The wholeness of Self. The vast space of no-thingness, which paradoxically holds within it, every thing. [...]

It has been named

Rember this little post? (little post) Well, I reached out to ask for help in naming this piece because for some weird reason my creativity totally fails me when it comes to naming any thing. I mean, I was tasked to name my little Jack Russel Terrier and I came up with the brilliant name of... [...]

Juliet’s birthday mandala

I've known Juliet since we studied together in India. Our names were close enough in the list that we always finished our exams together...and that's how I got to know her well. She and I were travel buddies when we went back home together. Traveling back home involved a 2 hour taxi ride to the [...]

Completed piece

So, remember this post ? Well, it's done 🙂 I still haven't got a name for it yet...so, any suggestions? 😉   And this last one taken with my sister's phone and the fancy editing that her camera app can do.

A work in progress

This one is still a work in progress. The idea was to add the design to one circle each day and complete the picture within a week. Of course, planning is one thing and doing another. I still have to complete it. That should be my next post!