Welcome to the actual blog where I post things related to Aura-Soma, mandalas and about life & such.

I’ve had loads of blogs, all of which safe two are now resting in peace, wherever that blog heaven is. Never could keep one going for long. Could be that I just get bored with things easily, have no discipline to keep to something that is solely mine, over extend myself with everything else in life (mainly work) and a load of other issues that plague me. This blog…well this blog is pretty new. I have another one that’s hanging on to it life called Heartsongs blog

It’s been surviving for the past 9 years, I think. Totally impressive by my standards. Totally nothing new since…I don’t know when. BUT, it’s still there. And, I’m going to keep it around. I should.

The blog articles that you’re looking for have been categorised into articles/art/my thoughts on:

  • Aura Soma – mandalas inspired by Aura Soma and other articles, maybe some readings…am thinking about it, let’s see if it happens!

  • Mandalas – mainly mandala drawings

  • Life & such – about life…and such

  • Art – other random arty stuff

Hope you enjoy your visit here and reading the posts đŸ™‚

Warmest wishes,


Anita Shree