Manifestation mandala

There are many different schools of thought on how to manifest. They range from vision boards, goal setting and affirmations to mediation, visualisation and releasing blocks to our own self worthiness. When one speaks of manifestation, many times we think about manifesting the ideal job, an ideal partner or abundance specially financial. The book, "The [...]

Gratitude mandala

The love of little things In the Aura Soma colour system, magenta represents gratitude in the form of the love of little things. You know, when we think of miracles the mind automatically envisions this major event where by some divine, unseen, inexplicable force almost magically turns around a disastrous or fatal situation. However, what [...]

Healing mandala

The healing mandala for emotional healing. A garden, that is what I envisioned on deciding to draw this mandala. I guess it was because of the colours that would be used or maybe it was to me the perfect "landscape" when thinking about our emotions. As a garden. Our emotions as opposed to feelings are [...]

Mandala for communication

The second mandala. Why communication? Well, because I'm a writer and even these mandalas that I create are a form of communication. A lot of us I feel tend to ignore the fact that our lives are constantly engaged in some form of communication. Communicating with others and, don't forget about communicating with ourselves. In [...]

Abundance mandala

This is the first mandala that I drew when I wanted to sell my mandala art. Abundance is a good mandala to start with as like anyone else, that is something that I want to attract into my life as well. The symbol in the centre was chosen as it represents prosperity in the Chinese [...]


When I started selling mandalas, a friend of mine asked me a few questions such as what is a mandala, how to use them and if it was allowed in religious believes. So, I decided I'd write this post about mandalas and what I understand them to be. Mandalas: what are they? Mandalas are basically [...]

For a baby…

I have been blessed with many good friends (online and "real").  He goes by an online persona of Mr. Angellis and is one of my closest friends. He's funny and he takes time to listen (or read, as how it is with chatting online), and he's welcomed me into his soon to be little family [...]

A 7-point mandala

So..the basic form of a mandala, its foundation, is a circle. The circle to me represents the following (a hodge-podge of what I've read, heard and feel 😉 ) A wholeness that encompasses the Universe and everything within it. The wholeness of Self. The vast space of no-thingness, which paradoxically holds within it, every thing. [...]