Diwali 2018…

It's just 1 minute past midnight, the day after Diwali. Just getting home from a dinner party at a friend's place. Yummy food, lovely hostess (the beatuy in the middle) and a nice spot to sit and go a little unnoticed amidst the laughter and excited shrieks of little kids, adult conversations and just all [...]

Becoming in-tune

During medical school, I treated myself almost every month, hanging out at the local bookstore spending my dad's money on books. Not medical books. Novels. Twenty odd years ago (wow, I'm old), a hundred Malaysian ringgit could get me 10 novels . TEN! Anyways, on one particular day, I spied something that got me very [...]

Resting (from mandalas)

A favourite word other than mandalas And a list of other favourites such as so and naps. Sometimes. I like that word. Have for a long time. I like it so much and have for so long, that I wrote a blog post about it! 12 years ago.... "I like the word Sometimes. It speaks [...]

Getting my cherry popped

Conversation: "Maybe I shouldn't have signed up for this. What if NO ONE visits my stall?" "Think of how embarrassing that would be!" "The table is free..." "It'll still be embarrassing". ~Visual of me sitting at a lonely table surrounded by a multitude of people crowding all other tables~ Someone whimpers. "The bag's terribly heavy, [...]