Diwali 2018…

It’s just 1 minute past midnight, the day after Diwali. Just getting home from a dinner party at a friend’s place.

Yummy food, lovely hostess (the beatuy in the middle) and a nice spot to sit and go a little unnoticed amidst the laughter and excited shrieks of little kids, adult conversations and just all around gaiety.

And you know you truly must be an introvert when you felt the most comfortable spending time with the sweetest ever dog…hehe.

Deepavali 2018

And with that, in a few short weeks, we’ll be greeting 2019. I’m telling you, time is just sprinting past us leaving people like me completely baffled at how fast its going.


4 thoughts on “Diwali 2018…

  1. Such acceleration typically causes a commotion, but this is just relentless time being relentless time. You can stop the government you can fight the power you can defy gravity, but you can’t do a thing to time.



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