Inspired by Aura-Soma – Energy mandala

bloom-blossom-close-up-65940      I’ve always been afraid of the root chakra. Well, not so much being afraid, just a little uncomfortable with it. So, since I can’t really decide, I’m going to go with – “I’ve always been equally uncomfortable and afraid of the root chakra”.

I guess it’s because in my early days of learning about the chakras, I mistook the root chakra as being associated with fear, insecurities, survival and being connected more with the “basal” instincts. In those early days, when I was still fumbling about with major insecurities and wanting to “be special”, wanting to “feel stuff”, “see stuff”, “know stuff”, I avoided anything related to the root chakra and set my sights on the “cooler” chakras like the third eye, because you know…intuition was cool!

Yea, when I said fumbling about, I actually meant stumbling and flailing about like a drunk.

Though I have learned more about the root chakra, I will admit that I still feel a little uncomfortable with it. I have a strong suspicion it has to do with my own insecurities of my physical self. Yet, I know that when I meditate on it listening to the sound frequency for the root chakra (either chanting or crystal bowls”), there is no fear. And that’s a good thing. It’s progress of some sort.

Aura-Soma Bottle 6 – Energy Bottle

There was a reason for all that talk on the root chakra. It’s because this particular bottle in the Aura-Soma colour system is red on red.

It is associated with the 6th major arcana card – the lovers, and it’s key message is “Enthusiasm and love for life”

Red the colour of passion

Traditionally red tells the story of passion and love. It also makes us think of danger. In the Chinese tradition, red also signifies abundance, while in India the red dot used by married women on their forehead tells people that they are married. A red sari is used during Hindu marriage as well. Red is linked to blood – our life force, the substance that sustains our life – delivering oxygen and nutrients and taking away the waste. The heart is drawn red.

In the Aura-Soma system, red signifies energy. That spark of life. The force that brings life. It is connected to the root chakra which is what links our physical self to this physical world. If the Atlantis Bottle (Heart bottle) is being aware in the present moment, then this Energy bottle represents us being aware in and of our body in the present moment.

The root chakra is considered the area where the kundalini resides. When awakened the energies rise up from the root chakra at the base of our spine and travels up and out through the crown chakra. Even though the root chakra is related to survival, it also gives us a sense of security, it is the I AM in our physical self and as it sit at the base of our spine it can be connected to the genitalia – the organs of reproduction. If the sacral chakra houses the place where life is incubated, the root chakra is the means to it.

Red also represents either detachment or on the flip side – aversion. To represents an aversion to physical/material life, to sexuality and can mean repression, specially that of sexual repression. On the other hand, when we are fully conscious of our physicality and when we awaken to what is truth, that we are more than our physical forms, we are able to take a step back and view this life with a sense of detachment. In this sense, red also represents an awakened state.

And with that, the creation of this mandala for you to enjoy 🙂

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The mandala as a work in progress

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