Resting (from mandalas)

A favourite word other than mandalas

And a list of other favourites such as so and naps.

Sometimes. I like that word. Have for a long time. I like it so much and have for so long, that I wrote a blog post about it!

12 years ago….

“I like the word Sometimes.

It speaks of the middle road taken.

It’s not extreme like Always and Never.

It’s less frequent than Often

Yet, more frequent than Rare.

Sometimes can be perceived as something good, bad or like most things in life, the middle ground, the middle road.

Does the middle ground show a weakness? A weakness of a person unable to make a firm decision of which side they belong to? If it’s to the right or left, to the white or black, to the light or dark? Is taking the middle road the same as “sitting on the fence” ?


Does it show strength? Great strength to weather the strong winds of persuasion, of enticements, of promises from either side. To listen to both sides, to live with both sides, to know that right and wrong, black and white, light and dark all merge at some point in time or place to become that incomprehensible shade of gray….a shade that is so vast in its range that it rushes from pure silver white, right across the spectrum till it forms the dark, matte gray that could be mistaken for black?

I think I like the word Sometimes because to me it shows strength. The strength of the heart and the mind to not fear that spectrum of gray, to step into its mistiness, to sit in it a while and to think and to ponder…and then to assimilate it, knowing that we need to take from both sides, before we carry on with our journey on the road to our destiny.”


It’s been about 12 years and I still like that word.

Giving mandalas a rest and trying something new…again

So, sometimes I want to do or try certain things. Not all the time, no. Just…sometimes.

With art, there is one medium (of the many) that I am afraid of really experimenting with. Now, you and I and the majority of everyone know that “experimenting” in itself encompasses the possibility of a “fail”. However, the fail is nothing more than a step towards getting better, being better, being more confident…as long as we are willing to and allow ourselves to learn from these not so successful efforts.

That being said, experimentation for me comes with stress. Self-made, self-imposed stress. It is the dread of hearing myself say “OMG! You totally suck at this!” Then again, this idea, this need (?) of wanting to try will nag at me until at some point, I give in and try.

This time it was watercolours.

I have rarely, if ever, touched watercolour paints. I used to, when we were “forced” to use paints in art class at school.  Then I tried experimenting with watercolours about 8 years ago with quite appalling results.

Now, normally when one is not comfortable with a particular art medium (or any sort of similar thing in life) and when one doesn’t really have the inclination to want to get used to or comfortable with such, then one just does not pay money to purchase anything to do with said thing. Yes?

And, when one has already decided to buy said art medium about 6 months ago, in my case watercolours, because the colours look so pretty and maybe I should try,  but doesn’t do a thing with it, then naturally one does not go out and buy another set of watercolours, right?

No, and no.

I love creating mandalas, but…

it’s just that sometimes, I feel like expanding a little. Going out of my comfort zone. Whether I do so or not is a different thing all together. But the idea…that wishful thought is there. Lingering. Wondering. Dreaming. Nagging. Especially when I come across watercolour paintings that look so beautiful.

Well, I guess that point arrived this week. I was a little “mandala-ed out” with mandalas and decided I needed a little break from it.

And so…

I sort of like how this piece turned out. I’m glad that I decided to try having a go at watercolours. Is it strange to have this feeling of “letting go” and “relaxation” working with watered down colours – working with hues rather than bold colours? I don’t know, but it was a nice feeling and I may…just may dabble with this medium I was once so afraid of, again.

Is there something that you are uncomfortable with but wish to try? Lemme know 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Resting (from mandalas)

      1. Hello, Shree! Nice to see you again – I hope you are well.
        Do you know, whenever I take a break from blogging you return! I had a very quick scan through of your latest post earlier, about the swinging pendulum… we seem to be swinging in another direction.
        (And that doesn’t sound quite as I intended it to, but you know what I mean!!!) 😀


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