Inspired by Aura-Soma – Sunrise-Sunset Mandala

Sunrise-Sunset – Yellow above and red below. Click image for source.


Today, I have a small story to share…

The story

People who know me, know that a lot of times I say that I usually don’t live my life with regrets. That’s mainly true. But in this instance, there may just be a smidgen of regret.

A long, long time ago, while a student in India, I had bought a book about a monk, a Tibetan monk. A little monk, a child. I can’t remember if I had even read the whole book, but I have looked high and low (sort of) for this book because (1) I really want to read it again (2) My mind seems to have misplaced the title of the book (3) I gave said book away before leaving India.

What I do remember is this story from that book. The little monk was sitting outside, way up on the mountains with his teacher, an old and wise monk. The old monk asked the little one to light a match. They both watched it blaze into life, the fire bright in the night, eating its way through the matchstick. And then…it went out, like how all matches do.

The lesson was this: The old monks tells the little one that life on this earth is like the fire created by the match. For the entities in that fire, a whole lifetime passed from the first sputter of fire when the match head was lit till its death. It may have been just a few moment for them, where they were. But for that fire, it was an entire lifetime.

Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle 5 – Sunrise – Sunset

The Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle 5 is as the name implies a representation of a life, a “day in our life”. When the sun rises it signifies a new day and when it sets, the end of one. When we are given the opportunity to start anew. A new day, a new year, a blank page in our life.

The colours of this bottle are yellow in the top fraction and red in the bottom. Mixed together they give rise to the colour orange.

The key message of the Equilibrium bottle 5: The opportunity to use the wisdom wisely in relation to the energies that we carry.

It’s a special bottle. The Sunrise-Sunset bottle was the first bottle created by Vickie Wall when she  first started. According to the Aura-Soma Source Book this bottle “represents both a person’s unique path in life and the experience of a larger community”. In other words, it can mean that the colours of yellow and red in this Sunset-Sunrise bottle represent the knowledge and wisdom (yellow) we carry within this earth plane (red) in our physical human-ess (red).

Interestingly enough, this bottle also represents a link to Tibetan and Chinese incarnations. The saffron yellow and red of the Tibetan monks is also a significant association to this bottle.

The Sunrise-Sunset bottle is associated with the Heirophant card in the tarot. The Heirophant is generally linked to the need to go within and “learn” or “assimilate”, “meditate”, “reflect” on our life, to see the lessons, to learn the lesson and then to move on. It is the 6th card (card 5 of the major arcana) and comes before the Lovers card – which is balance.

The deep yellow and reds of the Tibetan Monks
The deep yellow and reds of the Tibetan monks’ robes is associated with the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle 5. Click image for source link.

Yellow and red

The colour yellow in this Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle represents knowledge that is “refined”. (There’s more about the colour yellow according to the Aura-Soma system here, if you want to know more). As this bottle represents our life purpose or path, the yellow represents a sense of joy as we walk this path.

It is a sense of knowing that grows into an understanding, that brings a sense of joy in walking the life path that our soul for some reason or another has chosen for this present incarnation.

The Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle 5, symbolizes making the most of and doing the best with what we chose for this incarnation – Aura-Soma Source Book (p. 68)

The red in the lower fraction represents our life on this earth plane. It is rooted in our physical bodies and physical life that we are in. Red is also the colour of passion and energy. It is the energy that makes us “go”. Together with the yellow, it then represents the energy required for us to walk our life path with a sense of knowing and joy.

Another interesting fact is that the colour red in the Aura-Soma system  relates to the word awakening.

Equilibrium bottle 5 and the lower chakras

The yellow’s relationship with the solar plexus chakra and the red’s with the root chakra can basically be translated to the same thing. Why? The solar plexus represents our “self”, Who our personality is. It represents will and control. It represents confidence and joy. Together with the energy supplied by the red, there then forms a creation – orange.

Orange results when both red and yellow are combined. Orange is related to the sacral chakra where the organs of reproduction sit. The seat of creation more so in the physical realm.

What this means is that all three lower chakras that directly represent the “physical” aspects of us are contained in this Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle!

Inspired by Aura-Soma Sunrise-Sunset Mandala

The “hidden” orange

Orange in itself has many meanings. One is the healing of timelines, traumas that one may have suffered specially in early child hood. The bottle that has both upper and lower fraction as orange (Equilibrium bottle 26) is called Humpty-Dumpty. Because, well he fell down and had to be put back together again!

There is a lot more about orange that is contained in the Aura-Soma source book which I will get to soon. In the mean time, hope you enjoy the creation of this mandala – The Sunrise-Sunset Mandala 🙂

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