Sunlight mandala – Inspired by Aura-Soma

pexels-photo-209756A few days ago, I played a little game on my Instagram (cross posting it to my Facebook page). The name of the game was “guess the name of the mandala”. The guesses ranged from being totally off-course (Nelson, as in Nelson Mandela) to an egg done over easy, to more “serious” answers like solar plexus, inner shine and smiling self. Linda (from Litebeing Chronicles ) was the closest with sunshine.

You know, one of the things I find absolutely beautiful and awesome is seeing the rays of sunlight filtering through the clouds like spotlights from the heavens. It just feels so magical. It’s like the sun and the clouds decide to give us a magnificent light show.

Sunlight mandala WIP
The Sunlight Mandala in progress – favourite answer was: “Sunny side up garnished with tomatoes and carrots with a hint of basil… Sounds about right”.

Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle 4 – Sunlight Bottle

Yellow and gold, the yellow sitting atop the gold. The personality of yellow and the soul ray of gold. Shaken together to make a beautiful golden yellow.

The sun and sunlight. For centuries during ancient times, in many cultures around the world, the sun was worshiped for its life giving force. For without the sun we are in darkness. For without the sun, water turns to ice, plants die and life as we know it disappears. On the other hand, if the sun shines too bright and too hot, the water dissipates into steam, the plants wither and die, and the world again dies.

So, isn’t it quite cool that this bottle is also represented by the major arcana card of the Emperor? The ruler, the King.

And as ruling any land, which in this case, ourselves – it is a great responsibility. It means not only knowing and having the power (held by the yellow representing the solar plexus) but to also have the wisdom (represented by the colour gold) to ensure that how we live our life is with integrity, and with knowing and understanding ourselves first. In other words, it is a balance of knowing and yet exercising the wisdom in wielding our power.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. What I learned is that on one level, the Sun representing Leo is the outward show of power. It is like the sun, burning and shinning so bright. Bright enough to blind you. Yet, on another level, when we reach the true sun within, when we learn and understand ourselves better, when wisdom grows – it transmutes into a more powerful force. A quiet power.

It’s true isn’t it? There are people who “shout out loud” claiming their place, being forceful, pushing ahead with this sense of compressed energy that can overpower and overwhelm. And then there are those, even in their quiet, radiate this awesome, powerful energy that doesn’t fear, that doesn’t scare away and instead of overwhelming, brings a sense of quiet power, of assurance, of strength.

Yellow and gold

In Aura-Soma, it is taken that the “true aura” (or light) of the soul is GOLD. Therefore, gold represents our inner wisdom. There is this concept that we are all born with an Incarnational Star, that is located just above our navel. It contains within it all the information that we require to live the lifetime within this one physical body. If we compare the Incarnational Star to the Soul Star, which is above the Crown chakra, the Soul Star contains all the information within all our lifetimes – it is the Arkashic Records.

Therefore, gold in the Sunlight bottle represents our inner wisdom – the wisdom that we all carry within us, it is why we say that these lifetimes are journeys to re-discover and remember who we are.

In the Aura-Soma Sunlight bottle, gold represents inner alchemy. The bright and burning sun (fire of the sun) transmuting us into gold. It is the discovery of the precious metal (self/soul) that is already within us. It is the refining of ourselves and bringing us back to our true self.

You know, when I was reading about this Sunlight bottle and the representation of the colour gold, I thought of the golden brick road from the Wizard of Oz. How Dorothy, through her journey following this gold road, brought her to the Emerald city (green – the heart chakra and also represents our Divine feminine intuition/knowing) which eventually led her to realise that the power to “go home” lay with her all that time. Cool huh?

Gold light is also the result of mixing yellow and orange.

Let’s talk a little bit about the orange “hidden” within the gold. One of the representations of orange in Aura-Soma is healing the timeline. This basically represents the traumas that we go through in a lifetime or lifetimes, and orange helps to heal these parts of us. It means, acknowledging and allowing the letting go of these traumas. Together with the yellow that signifies knowledge and understanding – healing becomes possible, it allows us to let go of the human-ess of these traumas to reach a place of peace and knowing our true self worth.

Yellow represents our “little self”, it also represents our Solar Plexus. Yellow is bright and brings a sense of happiness. It is also the second primary colour after blue and represents emotions (the feeling bowl). Blue was the first ray and represents the thinking or mind bowl. (Bowl, because a bowl contains things ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Just as a happy person exudes confidence, the will to live, the courage to move ahead, to stride through life with a sense of self, so too does yellow represent each of these.

However, just as all outwardly happy people may not be truly happy, yellow also represents a sense of low confidence, ego, arrogance born from the fear of losing control and pretense.

Yellow sheds light. Knowledge sheds light. However, knowledge that does not truly understand and is not clear brings confusion.

AS-B4-Sunlight-3ย Gold is like a wiser yellow. Sunlight (light) allows us to see (brings consciousness within), which leads us to become more self-aware, more self-conscious. This in turn allows us to discriminate between knowledge (yellow) and wisdom (gold).

Here is the YouTube video of the creation of the Sunlight Mandala – Inspired by Aura-Soma.

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7 thoughts on “Sunlight mandala – Inspired by Aura-Soma

  1. Ahh perfect, im working on this chakra. Youโ€™ve raised points that I havenโ€™t encountered or meditated more thoughtfully. Like the king being wise and so forth. Most articles describe this as Warrior, but King is also a good archetype.

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    1. Hello! Thank you for dropping by and commenting ๐Ÿ˜Š The Aura-Soma system is really cool because it combines colours and tarot as well as the teachings from the Kabaala and Astrology ๐Ÿ˜€ However, if you look at the warrior, most kings are trained warriors as well and the art of war is not only physical strength, but they are also trained on the knowledge of war and need to discern how to proceed wisely. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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        1. is huh? I don’t know, sometimes when you really take a thing, a concept, an idea, and turn it this way and that, a lot of times it can fit into different things? If that makes sense? ๐Ÿ™‚


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