Heart-Atlantis mandala – Inspired by Aura Soma

You know for some reason, this mandala was a little challenging to colour. I’m guessing it’s got to do with this particular bottle having the colours that represent one of my biggest challenges in life – heart and mind.

I’ve been told and I also know that I am more mind oriented than heart or feeling. Or, let’s put this in another way, my emotions tend to go all over the place because my beautiful and naughty mind drags it this way and that.

I’ve been told that my mind is my gift and my curse. I couldn’t agree more. It can concoct some of the most awesome things and yet, there are times when it can take me to pretty dark, morose places taking my emotions along with it.

I’ve been told I’m like this rubber band tree, swishing from one end to the next, striving very hard and often not doing too well in aiming for the centre.

The Aura Soma Equilibrium bottle

The Aura Soma colour system’s basic form is the Equilibrium bottle (EB). It has two layer – the top representing the “Personality ray/colour” while the bottom represents that “Soul ray/colour”. The idea is that the bottles we choose represent both aspects of our human self – the self (personality) and Self (soul, higher consciousness) and the aim is to see where and how we can achieve a balance (equilibrium) between both these aspects.

Each colour including when the colours are mixed together (by shaking the bottle giving rise to the third colour) give us a deeper understanding of what we may need to address in bringing this balance within and therefore, into our life.

The Heart/Atlantean bottle

Colours: Blue on green that give rise to turquoise when mixed.

According to the Aura Soma Source book, this bottle’s main theme is Creative communication.


Atlantis represents an “era” of advanced technology where crystals, lights and colours were used. It represents a time when healing, meditation and development of consciousness played a big part. At the same time, it also represents experimentation and going beyond what we truly understand. Pushing the boundaries to an extent where we walk that thin line between what is up-lifting and what can pull us back into chaos. The story of Atlantis didn’t end well. Basically the Atlanteans in their quest for more knowledge and power blew themselves and everything around them up.


And you know…sometimes I look at the world we live in today. I can’t help but wonder about this story of Atlantis. The thought that comes to mind is that line which states how the road of good intentions can lead to destruction.

Blue, green, turquoise and yellow


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Blue is one of the primary colours and considered the first ray which appeared before yellow and red. It also represents the mental aspect or the mind. When we think of the colour blue, we can think of the sky – a cloudless blue sky that represent peace.

This peace can be a channel to allow creativity to grow. How?

When we are in a space of peace, it removes the clutter of worries, doubts and fears. It allows us to relax, and breathe.

When we are at peace, we are at peace with who we are. We allow trust. We allow a sense of letting go of total control. And with that it allows the flow of creation to move easily within us. It becomes inspired creativity.

Blue can also represent the male aspect and structure, which on the flip side can mean being rigid. Blue may be peace, but it doesn’t mean being ignorant or refusal to acknowledge all of ourselves. “Peace” where we are in denial, isn’t really peace is it?

Green on it’s own represents the feminine aspect of intuition. It also represents space. When you imagine a beautiful meadow with its green, green grass you can almost feel the expansion within yourself. A sense of being able to breathe freely. A clear space to feel at peace. It brings this feeling of joy. You see, green is the combination of blue and yellow.

Green represents the heart chakra. To some the solar plexus (the 3rd chakra) is the seat of power, but the true power lies within the heart. One of the key elements to manifesting or of creating our world is how we feel.

Here’s the thing with manifestation. It works but it works taking into account how we feel about it. We may set intentions, we may religiously stare at our vision boards, write in our journal and DO everything as listed out in the many, many books out there, BUT if you don’t FEEL it or if you feel anger, desperation, frustration, disappointment while doing this…it’s not really going to work. Well, that’s not true. It will work but it’s probably not going to be easy.

I’ll give you an example.

Though I’m trained as a medical doctor, for some reason I have never felt comfortable practicing as a doctor. I have my issues with this which I won’t go into except to say that fear has a lot to do with it. Once I started out freelancing as a writer, I also continued practicing part-time as a general practitioner.

The thing is, the only reason why I did that was to earn a stable amount of money to pay the bills while I freelanced. I didn’t enjoy practicing. Though the old feelings towards this profession wasn’t as intense, though I seemed to be adjusting well, it was still there. I wanted to be free from it. I wanted to spend my time doing what I really enjoyed. I had all these emotions of fear, frustration and a general feeling of meh mixed with gratitude. After all, it was helping me pay the bills!

Well, I did it. I didn’t know I did it. But, I did. I manifested NOT having to practice anymore. And boy, was that a hard one to take. There I was, in shock that I had lost the only stable income I’d have until I could stand on my two feet without falling off. Of course, with this came the panic of what to do!

We either constrict or expand. Just like a clogged pipe that restricts the amount of water flowing through it, so too do our feelings of anger, desperation, frustration, disappointment clog the channel through which the energies need to flow to manifest. However, if we FEEL peaceful and calm, the channel becomes wide, allowing what we manifest to create itself without hindrance. And, no..it isn’t easy. It takes practice.

Green can also mean jealousy and envy.

Blue and green individually together in this bottle, are like Atlantis, green islands surrounded by the blue sea. Therefore, you could say that in this bottle, the green represents our peace within our physical form on this earth. It also represents the rise to the “4th dimension” that where we are able to be present within and being aware – of what is within and without.

With green below the blue, it can represent the suppression of feelings with our mid over running our heart or rationalising everything.

Turquoise is created when both green and blue are mixed together. This colour represents dolphin energies – intelligence, creativity, communication, playfulness, happiness. The colour turquoise in itself represents communication from the heart.

Yellow is considered a “hidden” colour in this bottle. It hides within the green. This may represent our hidden fears, especially a lack of confidence which in turn gives green it’s “negative” aspect of jealousy. However, by letting go of our fears, we instead transmute the yellow into joy and confidence.

Aura Soma is intuitive

Reading an EB in Aura Soma or even looking at colours in general is intuitive. Nothing is truly set in stone. The representation of the colours are there because it feels that way. So, really it depends on what comes to mind or heart when you look at a colour.

What do you think this bottle represents to you, let me know!

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5 thoughts on “Heart-Atlantis mandala – Inspired by Aura Soma

  1. Love the finished result in your mandala the colour match perfect. And as someone who has worked in colour aura-graphs . πŸ™‚ Loved reading your interpretation of the colours also.. Very inspiring ❀

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