Creating mandalas – beyond the boundary

Mandalas and rules, do they exist?

Well, here’s the thing. I don’t classify myself as an expert at mandala drawing or colouring. What I do know is this:

♥ I love drawing mandalas.

♥ I love colouring mandalas.

♥ I sometimes overthink the designs before drawing these mandalas and am learning NOT to do that.


Mandalas and rules

♥ The creation of a mandala really doesn’t have any rules.

No should or must. No “you’ll be damned if you do this”. No, “how dare you do it THIS way”. No. Just…no.

What there is however, are suggestions. Suggestions that you can use, suggestions you can decide to choose to use, suggestions that may or may not resonate with you.

The whole idea of a mandala is that it represents YOUR journey. How you decide to draw or colour it, is yours. No one else’s. And, that is how it is in our life journey too, isn’t it. We walk the path alone, we own that path. Every thing, situation and person along that path are there to support, to teach and to grow – with you.

Going beyond the mandala

For today, let’s address colouring outside the outer most circle of the mandala. (So, I should have started with something more fundamental like whether you should or must colour it from the centre out, but ahem, let’s just say that though overthinking is bad, not completely thinking through something such as “what to post on YouTube” is not good either 😉 )

Though a mandala in itself encompasses all that is within it, it doesn’t mean that it cannot expand. Just as our life is as it is, it doesn’t mean we are constrained by it. Just as our future is not set in stone, each moment and choice we make expanding into different possibilities, so too our approach in creating our mandala.

With the mandala, our core journey nestled in the middle, we look at the space around it as our potential. From it’s outer most layer, we wonder if we should expand it out even more. And if you feel that you want to explore, then explore and experiment.  If you feel that your mandala wants to expand out into the white space beyond, let it. Let the creative energy flow. Because that, in a way is what life is about, isn’t it?

Maybe a mandala sitting atop a mountain with clouds floating in the wide blue expanse above. Maybe a mandala glowing in the twilight sky. A mandala within a tree trunk looking like a portal into another world.


maybe one that radiates out with brightly coloured flowers…

From one lover of mandalas to another, let me know your thoughts 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Creating mandalas – beyond the boundary

    1. Sue! There are a some friends whose comments I love to see and you are definitely one of them 🙂 I have been horrible again and visiting blogs yet I know I have to! I do hope you have been well. And thank you again for dropping by. I way or another, I’m going to manage things in a way where I manage to visit all my friend’s blogs, consistently 🙂

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      1. No worries Anita, we all have lives, and I have been less on line too, but I saw your post and you had been on my mind this last week so it was synchronicity that your post popped up, I am pleased to visit but better still to know you are ok xx ❤

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