The mandala colouring book

An idea…

A couple of years back I had this idea. Okay…I had a whole load of ideas that shared a common theme – mandalas. One of those was to create a colouring book. To be totally honest, it wasn’t an original idea. I had shown some of the mandala line drawings I had done to a friend. First she sort of reprimanded me for not doing anything with them and then she said, “You could just make copies of each and staple them together. People would buy these!”.

An idea manifested…

Fast forward to this past Friday afternoon and these arrived at my house

My mandala colouring books

I ordered 100 pieces using my own money to get them printed. It’s one of those times when I’ve “done a Nike”. Though I put some thought into it, I didn’t over think the process. Honestly, that’s probably the main reason it’s here.

The pre-orders went well. I did it via Facebook and had a pretty good response! The rest, I’ve decided to self distribute to little shops in my neighbourhood on a consignment basis. What’s really awesome with this, is the support I received from so many people. I even had friends from the US and Australia ordering the books even though the cost of shipping was more than the books themselves!

Colouring books packaged for pick ups
Packaged the books to locally distribute them to friends who pre-ordered the books.

I also decided to add a little something for everyone who pre-ordered the books from me and spent the major part of Saturday messaging everyone and getting addresses or arranging meet-up/pick up times.

Monday will be spent doing the same for the books that will be traveling across the seas to their new homes.

“My mandala colouring book”

The book is A5 sized using card stock (260 gm) with a spiral bind at the top. I asked that it also had a perforated edge so that each page can easily be torn out.ย  There are 25 hand drawn mandalas, each kept as is – some with mildly squiggly lines, some not perfectly symmetrical and each unique with it’s own little imperfections. Strangely I was adamant about that. I did not what these mandalas to be made perfect, and as I looked through the proof the printer showed me, I will be honest – a small little voice started with – are you SURE you don’t want them to look perfect? As you absolutely SURE?

You know, usually I’d succumb to that voice. It would grow louder and another voice would chime in arguing the reasons why these mandalas should not be perfect, and back-and-forth it would go. I’d usually end up with a headache.

This time, I didn’t shush the voice. Instead, I just knew I WAS sure. And that little voice didn’t grow louder. Something to remember, a good thing to remember to keep doing ๐Ÿ™‚

Colouring a mandala from my mandala colouring book

Having the books in my hand felt surreal, and yes I felt a little scared. I wondered if it would be “good enough”. Again, I didn’t allow this voice to grow. Instead, I ran my fingers feeling it, the smoothness of the pages, saw the mandalas standing out boldly, their patterns telling a story.

Immersing myself with the details of getting the books out, the tentative smile I had became wider. I helped create this! I did this!

Today, I tried it out. Picked the first mandala page and coloured it with the different “tools”/mediums that I usually use, and I loved it ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you!

To all my friends who excitedly received your books, for your hugs of congratulations and smiles, thank you ever so much! I do hope you enjoy your time colouring these mandalas!

To all of you who are still waiting for yours, they’ll come home to you soon!

I’ll be selling it directly to anyone who is interested till about the 19th of February.

Price per book is MYR30.00 – free shipping to West Malaysia. To every where else, I’ll have to add cost of shipping as well. Contact me directly either through my Facebook page or email (anitashree(dot)jacob(dot)gmail(dot)com) ๐Ÿ™‚

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