Peace mandala – Inspired by Aura-Soma

So…I was rambling on to my sister about how I so wanted to continue my studies in Aura-Soma when she said, “How about drawing and colouring your mandalas using the bottle’s colours?”.

Well, I didn’t take long to think about it. A “do a Nike” later, there are right now two of them in a series that I want to call, “Inspired by Aura-Soma”.

To be honest, I had this idea a long time ago. That when the time arrived for me to start doing AuraSoma readings, I’d do little mandalas using the colours the clients had chosen for the session. And like most ideas of mine, it remained an idea.

What am I going to be doing with these drawings? Well temporarily, nothing yet…but I have an idea. I’m hoping this idea, like my colouring book is going to be an exception to the rule of Anita’s bright ideas.

Peace Mandala
Peace Mandala – Inspired by AuraSoma (B02)

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Peace mandala – Inspired by Aura-Soma (Bottle o2)

This mandala reflects the colours of the Equilibrium Bottle 02, blue on blue. It’s called the Peace bottle.

Blue, in the Aura-Soma colour system has an overarching representation of peace. Like the vast blue sky on a cloudless day, it gives one the feeling of expansion and calmness.

You know, when I was 16 years old, my family made a trip to Perth in Australia. It was at the very tail end of winter going into spring. Other than the HUGE food portions, the one thing I will always remember is the sky.

It was gloriously blue with not a cloud in sight to mar its vast expanse. I remember looking at the sky in wonder and thinking to myself, this is the most beautiful sky I have ever seen.

In the 6-day Aura Soma Level 1 course I did, Cristiana Caria told us a story relating to the Tibetan Buddhist take on the afterlife. According to the Tibetan Book of Death (that I really want to get my hands on to read), after our soul leaves the physical body, it goes through a series of processes. Basically, a review of the life we led. There is a point after when the soul will find itself immersed in an absolute peaceful blue light. This is where the soul rests and recovers before going forth on another journey.

The Aura Soma Source Book tells us that when God created light on the first day, the colour yellow was born. However, because this earthly plane and human existence was created together with duality, the light was accompanied by its shadow – the colour blue.

Blue represents faith and trust. When we have faith and trust in whatever or whomever, you can feel why peace will be present. What we worry about tends to dissolve when we allow ourselves to acknowledge, know and belief that we truly are the children of the Universe, and that we will be taken care of. In fact, for just one moment, if you close your eyes and allow this feeling of trust to reside within you, you really can feel this peace.

On a side note, it’s only while typing the above paragraph did I realise how much I need reminding of this. I find it so cool (freaky, but cool) that what is most needed in my live right now has just presented itself to me – that of trust and faith.

And with this trust and faith, there comes authority. A feeling that you are worthy, and you are the author of your story. That within you lies the power of change. And therefore, blue also represents authority.

Blue is also the colour of the throat chakra. Communication. Communicating the truth to yourself and to others. When I relate blue, the throat chakra and peace, what comes to me is that when we are truthful to ourselves about ourselves, when we acknowledge all sides of us and are okay with who we are, we are bound to come from a place of peace. There is nothing to hide. There are no more lies. And I feel, the most important thing is when there is nothing to hide from ourselves, there is no more fear.

Just as the duality of life, each colour also has its “shadow” aspect.

With the colour blue, it may represent:

  • a lack of trust (regardless of which aspect in your life)
  • issues with authority (mainly male/father figures)
  • a need to let go of control
  • a narrow mindedness or inflexibility (blue as it represents authority, also can mean structure)

And that for now is my take on this beautiful blue on blue bottle of peace.

Here’s the video of my chubby hands colouring the mandala, enjoy!


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