Aura-Soma, oh how I love thee

Story time! (Sort of)

The meeting

About 4 years ago, I came across this white…bookcase/shelf thingie. Seated on it were row upon row (okay, it really was only 4 rows) of these clear bottles filled with colours. Against the white back light, they gleamed like precious jewels and the energy that flowed from them was just…awesome.

I don’t know how to describe it. I just know that my eyes must have gleamed. I definitely know that my jaw dropped and the next thing I know, I was standing directly in front of these bottles repeating like a love-struck fool of how beautiful they were. All those colours! I think I may have tried inhaling them deeply too (don’t ask).


Sampler Set of the Aura-Soma bottles. As the bottles are laid down both colours in each bottle have “mixed” but since the colours have not been shaken together, you can see the different layers in some of them.

The session

I found out that these were part of something called Aura-Soma and there was someone who would be conducting private sessions using them. Well, of course I signed up!

I had my session with the Aura-Soma practitioner. It was really quite insightful! After the 1.5 hour session while talking to her I started enquiring about Aura-Soma: can I learn it too? where did she learn it? tell me!!!

Aura-Soma Level 1

About a month or so after my first encounter with these glorious bottles, I attended a 6-day workshop taught by Cristiana Caria. You know, there are some people who are knowledgeable about a certain subject, but it takes a certain other to actually be able to teach it. And Cristiana was that certain other.

She knew so much about Aura-Soma, was so well read on a whole load of other esoteric teachings and was a great teacher that in those 6 days she made me fall in love with this system even more deeply.

The thing that really caught my heart (other than the colours) was that the system is based on Colour, the Chakra system, the Tarot, the Kabbalah and Astrology, and taught through the 3 Levels. My mind totally “fan-girled” at the idea ofย  the opportunity to learn all these deliciously fantastic subjects.

During the 6-day workshop we were taught the basics of the Aura-Soma colour system and how to read these bottles using the words associated with each colour and also, using our intuition.

The system was created by Vickie Wall (whose life story is amazing: The Miracle of Color Healing) and consists at its foundation the equilibrium bottles (EB). Each EB carries with it 2 colors – the base which is water based and represents the soul aspect of an individual, and the top color which is oil based representing the personality aspect of an individual. It’s made out of a mixture of the essences of herbs, flowers and crystals, and energised with its intention.

“You are the colors you choose” is what Vickie Wall observed and the basis of Aura-Soma is that it presents a tool (much like the Tarot and even the mandala) that allows an individual to re-learn about themselves. They are there to help us get to know ourselves better by digging deeper into our psyche.

There is a lot more to Aura-Soma. Aura means light and Soma relates to the physical body. In a way, the name represents the concept of bringing light into ourselves, within our “bodies”. The colours born from the light, each carrying its own vibrations not only allow us to see within but bring with it healing energy. Each colour represents different aspects of self.

And you know, it really isn’t all hocus-pocus. I mean, basic science teaches us that we are all energy. Everything on this earth, the earth itself as is the Universe is nothing but a teeming mass of energy – the slower the vibration, the denser the energy, the more “solid” it becomes and vice versa – ice > water > steam.

In the same way, colours also carry energies. There are colours we can see with our physical eyes (the spectrum of the colours that make the rainbow) and then there are those that we can’t.

To me, what it means in really simple terms, is this: you can use energy to change energy – and it doesn’t matter what sort of energies you use or where they “come” from. The idea is to bring balance (therefore, equilibrium bottles). Too much of a certain energy or too little would need to be balanced out.

The story till today

I successfully completed Aura-Soma Level 2 with Frances, an awesome and lovely teacher residing in Singapore.

I am to complete the Level 3 and then move on to (hopefully)ย  not only being a practitioner of Aura-Soma but to teach it as well.

I have looked up at the Universe (though of course one could look down, side-ways, diagonally or any other way to actually look at the Universe) and I’ve looked within to basically ask/demand/cajole said Universe to get me what I want!

I have also through a bright idea of my sister’s decided/plan to/want to/begs myself not to give up on it, start a series of mandala drawings inspired by the Aura-Soma EB. I have a full set of samplers, little tiny vials that are safely nestled within thick cotton pads, in two separate boxes that I can use to draw inspiration from as the mandalas get created.

It’s also a good way for me to revise the colours and the information of the bottles as well.

Rescue Mandala - Aura-Soma Bottle B00
Rescue Mandala inspired by Aura-Soma EB bottle B00. Royal blue on deep magenta














This is the first one done inspired by the Spiritual Rescue (re-cue…get it? hehe) EB 00, royal blue on deep magenta.

There are currently 115 bottles….yea…so, 2 down and …I’m not going to jinx it ๐Ÿ˜‰



4 thoughts on “Aura-Soma, oh how I love thee

  1. very cool Shree! Is it possible to post later on some basics. I know nothing of this system other then from you a while back. The colors are gorgeous and this is all very fascinating to me.

    hugs, Linda

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