Moving forward in 2018

It’s a brand new year, three days in…already!

As I sit here typing this out, I know what I want for myself and for Artful Scribe. The plans and dreams are there. Small steps, one at a time is what I feel will get me there.

To be honest, right now I am feeling excited and a little nervous. Probably like when you are about to go on your very first date with the guy (or girl) you’ve been drooling at for some time. Don’t take my word about that though. The last time I ever went out on a date was…I can’t remember!

So, a little update of what is in store for the first month of 2018:

Art prints are now going for RM15.00 for A4 size and RM10.00 for A5 size.

  • Price will include postage within West Malaysia
  • Unfortunately for East Malaysia and Singapore, prices will not include postage as it will be too expensive for me to absorb the cost.


I want these mandala prints to go to “good homes”. I am also fully aware that the economy isn’t very great at the moment, at least not in Malaysia. Though the small profit I will make will help Artful Scribe grow, I want to be reasonable about it.

The very first mandala colouring book!

  • An A5 sized spiral bound colouring book with 25 hand drawn mandalas printed on 250 gm art paper to allow for watercolours.
  • It’ll have a perforate edge so that pieces can be torn out without ruining the page or the spiral bind.
  • Still waiting for the quote from the printer but estimated pricing will be RM35.00.
A blurry sneak peek at the cover


Making Artful Scribe a little bolder

I just found out recently that a friend of mine did not realise I was selling mandala prints! She thought it was a hobby. Ok, granted that she can be a little on the blur side, it got me thinking. Maybe it’s time to be brave and actually advertise it clearly. Like a “Hey you! Over here for mandala prints!” with a large, brightly lit arrow pointing to it?

This will be a work in progress though as I experiment – being brave, putting myself and my art out there and seeing what works and what doesn’t. To be honest, I don’t really like “in your face”, you better do this or else you’re going to suffer sort of attempts at advertising. On top of that, these are intention mandalas. The whole premise is to attract those who will benefit from them, not force people to buy them!

Posting consistently

This has been a promise of mine to myself every.single.time. However, having said that, there’s no better way of being consistent than being consistent.

What will I be posting about?

Well, it won’t all be about mandalas. I have some ideas that will require some work. For now, a post a week should be quite manageable, I say with a spark of hope!

That’s it for now with fingers and toes crossed to see what and how this month will unfold!






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