Intention mandala for sleep

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I’ve never really had problems with sleep. Sleep used to be my best friend. Sleep was when I could escape from the world. Sleep used to be the place I went to when I needed to shut off. Sleep was when I made up terribly sad stories in my head, so that I could just cry. Because crying didn’t come very easily to me.

It didn’t really matter what time of the day it was, I’d just close my eyes and drift off.

Now, not so much. I can still sleep without much trouble. I can and still cherish my afternoon naps, when I can get them. I still love the feeling of feeling sleepy – when my body sort of relaxes, the eyelids droop and the mind feels like a lump of sticky pudding.

But, I also know that there are many who can’t enjoy sleep. Initially, it amazed me, the number of people who could not go to sleep. Or who only managed to get a couple of hours of sleep at night, if they were lucky. That this luck had nothing to do with a night-shift or a crying baby.

Sleeptime mandala

This mandala was created to help with sleep. The pastels help the seeing eyes to feel soothed. The lighter shades of violet  and blue were chosen as the colours seem to represent a mind at rest. The centre is a deep blue with silver dots representing the night sky, while the whole mandala is embraced by a soft glowing butter-yellow colour and then the healing green.

This is a simple mandala and it wished to be so. I have a habit of wanting to always “fill” these mandalas with patterns, but for this one – it seemed to say…this is to induce sleep! Stop making me so busy!

So, I did!

Additionally, I added some lavender essential oils to a base oil to use to blend the coloured pencils. All I can say is, as I worked on this mandala, I felt ever so relaxed and sleepy for the two days!

So yes, I do think this mandala will help you get some good nights sleeps 🙂

Sleeptime worded
Affirmations added

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7 thoughts on “Intention mandala for sleep

  1. I do find your mandalas very relaxing but even more so when you explain the process and what each part/set of colours represents. I think that helps to join the dots in my mind and understand the pattern as a whole, which then radiates a calming serenity from its core 🙂

    I really like the night sky in the centre of this one. It makes perfect sense for it to be there and draws you in deeper to ponder the nature of the stars and the universe, along with experiencing the dreamy effect of the blue and purples ripples that surround it. I think we are often focused on resting only our bodies, when we really should find ways to rest our minds too and this is the perfect way to do so with your mandala, along with deep breathing and letting go of all of our stress/anxieties that have built up throughout the day.

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    1. Ooo David..I may need to hire you to write about the mandalas I draw! That was perfect 😀
      On the other hand, if looking at the mandala inspired you to think of what you wrote..then I think it did its job really well 🙂


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