Intention mandala for balance

Intention mandala-balance
Intention mandala- Balance

Balance. When you think of or try to visualise someone who is balanced, you may see a person who seems unfazed with whatever is going on around them. They rarely lose their cool, they rarely panic, they don’t get over-excited…they just seem to be gracefully walking their life and exude this calmness from within. Or, you may think that they seem totally out of it and wonder what they’ve been smoking ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of the goals of doing self inner work is to achieve a sense of balance in life. There are two ways that I have heard “being in balance” described:

  1. Imagine walking a tight-rope, stretched high up. As you walk it, slowly feeling your way along the rope, you are pushed and pulled by the strong winds. You stretch your hands out, either side of you, constantly bringing balance so that you don’t fall off.
  2. Imagine walking the same tight-rope. This time however, you are safe in a bubble. This bubble protects you from the high winds as you walk calmly arcoss the rope towards your destination.

The first description basically tells you that though the external environment (be they people you interact with or the situation you are facing), may affect you in some ways, you are aware of what is happening around you and constantly bring back your focus into yourself and in doing so, bringing back balance. It’s an “active” balancing act. A constant push-pull effect that you need to correct.

The second however, is a little different. In this case, though you are aware of whatever is happening outside you, you are enfolded by a sense of calm, a detachment so to speak. This means that these external things done affect you, because within this “bubble”, you are calm and..well, balanced.

I have a lot of issues with balance. It’s the big lesson for me, and if you want to have a read about them, you can check these two blog posts out: A balanced Libra - an oxymoron? and I think I should experiment being an emotional wreck.

So, when this mandala was created, I guess you could say that it was something that was pretty close to my heart.

Balance worded
Affirmations added

In this intention mandala, the scale in the middle represents the balance. It is the perfect representation of what or how being in balance can be. Both sides needing to be perfectly aligned in order of it to remain balance. Even if a wind moved the scale, if the weights are equal, the scale would go back to being still, and in balance.

This is one of my favourites. The yin-yang repsented with the colour of orange (emotions) and blue (mind) in the back ground adds an affirmation to both our sides – the emotions and the mind, the flow and the structure. To me, it summarises the intention of this mandala well.

The intention mandala is to bring balance within us. Therefore, it is also represented with the three lower chakras (root, sacral and solar) to the left and the three upper chakras (throat, third eye and crown) to the right, with the heart bridging them.

The seven chakras are the seven energy centres within our body. Though there are other chakras associated with us like the soul star and the earth star, these aren’t strictly within our physical body. As the main energy points within the physical body, they govern the physical body as well as our mind and emotions – all linked directly to the physical self.

Bringing balance to each of these chakras will help in bring balance within us as a whole. And with an inner balance, it will manifest as an outter balance.

Though it does look lovely as an art piece, I feel that using this as a focal visualisation point while meditating will really bring forth the true purpose of this intention mandala.

One of the ways to bring balance to our chakras is to meditate on each. There is a whole array of YouTube videos that offer specific mediation music (either pure music, pure binaural beats or a mix of both, and chants) of varying lengths that you can use to meditate on the chakra. The intention is to always clear and then re-balance the chakra.

You can choose to meditate on each chakra separately (maybe one for each day of the week) or to do it together. However you choose to do this, always remember to focus on all the chakras – even though there may be a few that may require more work. So, for example, for me I need work on my root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. I could spend 20 minutes a day for each and then maybe spend 10 minutes for the other 4 chakras through the remaining days. The idea is to not neglect the other chakras. Though each have their own functions, they are also working together. So they all need care, just as how we need to care for our physical bodies.

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6 thoughts on “Intention mandala for balance

  1. This is very calming to look at, perhaps even more so than looking at a basket of kittens! I don’t think we take enough time in the day to just relax and gaze at something that can calm us, along with helping us to steady our minds and nerves. I do love how you have incorporated balance into this mandala, I think in doing so it will keep you centred and focused, along with having a very serene effect on your nerves and senses. I’m following the pattern now – so soothing, it’s lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! It’s strange isn’t it how each of us perceives something differently? When I look at this mandala, I feel energised and it makes me smile because of the bright colours, and for you it brings you calm!

      That’s the reason why I love drawing mandalas ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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