Gratitude mandala

The love of little things

Gratitude mandalaIn the Aura Soma colour system, magenta represents gratitude in the form of the love of little things.

You know, when we think of miracles the mind automatically envisions this major event where by some divine, unseen, inexplicable force almost magically turns around a disastrous or fatal situation. However, what I have learned is that miracles, the really big ones are …really quite small. You’ve seen them around on the internet I’m sure. That waking up in the morning, the act of breathing and living…these are miracles. The daily miracles that we have become so accustomed to, it seems…mundane.

Just like how the little irritations and disappointments can build up to cause us anger, disrupt relationships and cause major issues in a work place, when we focus on the “little miracles” they build up. Instead of creating an ominous volcano filled with grievances,  imagine building a strong, majestic mountain out of grace. The feeling of gratitude for the little things – the roof over our heads to shelter us, the food we eat and just being.

The energy of gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful like health, abundance and better relationships. It’s when we are grateful for even the little things and accept them with grace that the space to receive more grows.

The idea of this mandala is to bring in the energies of gratitude. To see with eyes that seek out the little miracles and to experience thanks for them.

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