Healing mandala

Healing mandala

The healing mandala for emotional healing. A garden, that is what I envisioned on deciding to draw this mandala. I guess it was because of the colours that would be used or maybe it was to me the perfect “landscape” when thinking about our emotions. As a garden.

Our emotions as opposed to feelings are varied. It came to me one day, quite gently, this revelation that really, there are only two feelings – love and fear. Everything else were born from these two feelings. Emotions on the other hand are varied. From those born of love (happiness, joy, love, passion) and fear (jealousy, anger, lust, greed).

Like flowers and weeds, in a garden.

This healing mandala has two main colours both associated with the heart chakra and healing – green and pink. Pink also represent unconditional love, and what better medicine to begin healing our emotions than to learn to love ourselves unconditionally. It means accepting ourselves completely for who we are. It means to know that we are beyond and above our personalities. It means to embrace our shortcomings and acknowledge them, and yet still love them. It means, we learn to like ourselves first and form a relationship with ourselves.

Orange in the Aura Soma colour system represents healing of timelines. Throughout our life there are instances where emotional trauma occurs. We carry these within us and situations will present themselves to allow us to heal from them. Sometimes it happens in our relationships – you know, when you keep wondering, why do I attract the same sort of arse-hole?!. Well, maybe it could be because we need to connect something within us, heal some thought patterns within us or maybe these arse-holes are really there to teach us that we can do better, that we are worthy of being uplifted. At other times or for different people it may occur in work situations and our relationships with co-workers or bosses. It may present itself with friends or acquaintances who bring us down more often than celebrating and respecting us and the relationship. In all of this, always look within and see if there is something within that is attracting these situations to us.

The gold-yellow represents our inner wisdom. It is a combination of orange and yellow. Yellow is also the colour of sunshine and happiness. It’s cheery and fun! It also represents the sun that helps our garden grow…

And that is how this mandala was created šŸ™‚

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