Mandala for communication

Communication mandala

The second mandala. Why communication? Well, because I’m a writer and even these mandalas that I create are a form of communication.

A lot of us I feel tend to ignore the fact that our lives are constantly engaged in some form of communication. Communicating with others and, don’t forget about communicating with ourselves.

In the Aura Soma colour system, turquoise represents communication – from the heart. Turquoise is also the colour associated with dolphin energies. An animal that is highly intelligent, sociable and fun loving. So, of course the centre symbol chosen for this mandala was the dolphin, in turquoise.

Turquoise is a combination of blue and green. Blue is related to the throat chakra and relates to speech and communication. It also represents communicating the truth of you. Combined with the green of the heart chakra, the centre of love and healing, it isn’t a far reach as to why turquoise was chosen for communication.

The pink with the green also represent healing with respect to allowing ourselves to communicate truthfully and without fear.

Turquoise is also related to IT communication – the most used form of communication in this era.

The yellow here again is associated with the solar plexus for confidence when communicating. It also serves as a reminder that words in any form is powerful. To use words and communicate responsibly is on us. Telling your truth while being aware of the consequence that our words have is a balancing act that is so important to remember.

And that is how this mandala was created 🙂

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