Abundance mandala

Abundance mandala

This is the first mandala that I drew when I wanted to sell my mandala art. Abundance is a good mandala to start with as like anyone else, that is something that I want to attract into my life as well.

The symbol in the centre was chosen as it represents prosperity in the Chinese tradition. The spiral is another symbol that represents abundance.

As I was drawing this mandala, the thought of the sun came to mind. The sun with it’s golden yellow and orange life giving energy. The food of this planet. It suited the theme of abundance really well as the colours of red, yellow and orange signify in various ways abundance.

Red, orange and yellow are the colours of the three lower chakras. The red is the root chakra (base of the spine), orange is the sacral chakra (around the reproductive organs area) and yellow, the solar plexus chakra (just below the sternum where the anatomic solar plexus – the start point of nerves that branch out to supply the abdominal area – is situated).

The red in this mandala therefore symbolises security and the material aspect of our life. It includes financial security. The orange is for creativity as the sacral chakra represents the seat of creation. The yellow symbolises the sun and the confidence and power within us, to bring in the abundance into our space.

These three colours combined is to reach financial security by either creatively thinking of ways to go about it or, using and infusing our creativity and passion into our work or endeavours , and having the confidence and believe that we are worthy of abundance.

While colouring the abundance mandala, the thought of using the green entered my mind. Green in this instance symbolises healing. Most of us have issues with abundance, mainly stemming from what we are taught about being rich. That we have to work very hard, struggle almost to gain financial independence. It’s a debilitating thought when it comes to wanting to attract abundance into our life. The other is that money is the root of all evil. Even though at an intellectual level we know that this isn’t true. It isn’t money that is evil, it is how we can put money and power above all other things, it is the love of the stuff money can buy and it is this constant need to keep buying to fill the void within us that is “evil”. With the green surrounding the symbols of abundance, the intention is to allow the healing of these issues.

And that is how this mandala was created 🙂

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