A 7-point mandala

So..the basic form of a mandala, its foundation, is a circle.

The circle to me represents the following (a hodge-podge of what I’ve read, heard and feel 😉 )

  • A wholeness that encompasses the Universe and everything within it.
  • The wholeness of Self.
  • The vast space of no-thingness, which paradoxically holds within it, every thing.
  • A never-ending cycle of life, of lessons and of our journeys as ever-growing, every expanding humanness remembering who we truly are.

Well,  a circle is 360° and majority of the time (I say majority as I am unsure if there are mandalas out there that have been drawn differently) a mandala is sectioned based on a 360° angle. This means anything that is able to divide 360° equally: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10…and so on. However, a meeting with a friend and a request later, I found myself needing to create a 7 point mandala. At first, me being me, I did my usual “Oh, of couuuurse I can help you! Shouldn’t be a problem at all!”. It was only later that I realised that it may be a little bit of a problem…hehe.

However, with the age of “you can learn anything from YouTube”, I did just that! Found an awesome video that showed the step-by-step process of creating a 7-sided polygon (aka an heptagon, in fancy speak) inside a circle, and created a 7-point mandala! It is however not sectioned off perfectly, but hey…perfection in the imperfections? 😉

This isn’t coloured, but when I do have the time, I’ll clean it up and post it in the Free Mandala section, for you to download, print and colour 🙂

This piece didn’t manage to find a home..but, I may colour it one day and see how it turns out!

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