Art therapy

I started this piece on Sunday. It was a weird feeling. I wasn’t physically tired, but I was mentally. I wasn’t sleepy, my mind wasn’t feeling its mushy self like how it does after a work day, it was just tired. So, I decided to do a piece that wouldn’t need me to think much and would allow me to play with the artist masking fluid (that has a horrible smell, by the way), watercolours, acrylic paints and my brand new sets of Sakura Jelly pens (I love these and got three sets – metallic, souffle and glaze).



One of my friends had asked me why the fleur-de-lis. I honestly don’t know. I had bought these stencils and wanted a feature for the middle of the piece..and that looked nice, so that was what I stenciled in! Some information on it, if you’re interested:

I also added some glitter embossing powder at the end, but the camera didn’t capture it well, SO I did a really short video to show it off πŸ˜€

.Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoyed the picture πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “Art therapy

  1. Sue Dreamwalker says:

    Loved the glitter effect on the photo, the video helped show that up Shree.. Love the colours and shapes.. But best of all.. LOVED your voice.. πŸ™‚
    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year my friend.. Enjoy ALL that you create.
    Hugs Sue ❀ xxx

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  2. litebeing says:

    Really unusual work and I enjoyed hearing your voice on the video/ Ever hear an idea of someone’s voice in your head, how you imagine they may sound? Your voice is different than I hear in my inner ear, but it is lovely, very enchanting πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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