Plans change

img_3256   About a week ago, I decided that I wanted to draw a mandala. Usually  the mandalas I draw e are free hand. However, I have always used a structured frame to guide me. It may be the lack of practice or I’m just not a good enough mandala artist,or I just am unable to judge proportions like height and length without a structure…that I’ve never really ventured into creating a mandala without it.

Anyways, I decided to say “heck it! I’m just going to do it!” and planned on doing a completely free hand mandala with NO guiding structure.

The thing about plans…they change. It sort of started out as a mandala..but then…yea..proportions and such…so I decided to see where this took me.

I kinda liked what happened..and hope you do too!

I would also like to ask for help with naming this piece , so please feel free to give me your suggestions 🙂

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