It has been named

Rember this little post?Β (little post)

Well, I reached out to ask for help in naming this piece because for some weird reason my creativity totally fails me when it comes to naming any thing.

This piece.

I mean, I was tasked to name my little Jack Russel Terrier and I came up with the brilliant name of…



A few friends chipped in and these were the suggestions:

  1. Bubble gum and mandalas by Madhawi aka Mr Tookles
  2. Celestial Orbits by a friend on Facebook
  3. One in all by Begam from Thoughts of a Raven
  4. Essence of creation by Tom from Beyond the Sphere

My favourites were Celestial Orbits and Essence of creation. Being totally me, I couldn’t decide! So..again being totally me, I figured I could use both…and this is what the piece will be called…

The Essence of Creation: Celestial Orbits

Hehe..I do love my naughty, monkey mind sometimes.

Presenting to you again…

The Essence of Creation: Celestial Orbits.

Thank you friends for your wonderful suggestions!

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