My services:

I offer Aura-Soma readings either through face-to-face consultations or via Skype and create personalised/customised mandalas.

Aura-Soma readings

An Aura-Soma reading will give you an insight based on the colours you choose. Through the messages from these colours, there will come a learning and an understanding,

  • of what you want/need and who you are in this present time frame
  • what opportunities of growth are presenting themselves to you through your life experiences in this present time
  • what you are or may do about them
  • what future energies are flowing your way

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Personalised mandalas (original art)

These mandalas will be created with an individuals specific intention or energy in mind. The same principles used for the creation of intention mandalas will be used but with a slight difference. This time, my thoughts will be with you and my focus and intention will be on your intentions. Each piece is created just for you.

Personalise your mandalas

What this site offers

Blog articles on Aura-Soma, mandalas and other interesting topics

A sample of articles:

bloom-blossom-close-up-65940Β Β  Winter castle


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Mandala Prints and other merchandise

Intention mandala-balance

Intention mandalas: These mandalas have been created with a specific intention in mind (e.g. abundance, emotional health, communication). How are these mandalas created? Well, all these mandalas are hand-drawn and the intention or energy of thought is focused on it. The vibration of sound (music) also accompanies the creation of each mandala. The colours used are chosen specifically for it as well. How do you use it? What is its purpose?


Inspired by Aura-Soma series: These mandalas have been inspired by the various Equilibrium bottles of Aura-Soma and carry with it the energies within each bottle.

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The images for the mandalas are available to print for free @ Mandala Gallery. The merchandise (including professional grade prints) are available at my RedBubble shop.

Symbols (prints)

These symbols have been created with specific intention in mind (e.g. abundance, balance, clearing and protection). The colours, dimensions, shape and the symbols within these symbols are specific for its purpose. As these are smaller, you can carry it around so that its energy accompanies you wherever you go.

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Who am I?

My name is Anita Shree, owner of this site. 14522980_1088353254594490_9162105893989173083_n

I’m a medical doctor who has always had an attraction toward the mystical, mythical and spiritual.

I love colours and fell in love with mandalas and its creation since discovering it about 8 years ago. About 4 to 5 years ago, my encounter with the Aura-Soma colour system opened a path to something I truly resonated with. The colours, its energies, the teachings within the system bringing together astrology, numerology, the tarot, colour, and the Kabbala hooked me. Since then, I’ve gone on to complete Level II Aura-Soma. My dream is to be a full fledged Aura-Soma practitioner and one day maybe even share its knowledge as a “teacher”.

The written word was and I feel still is my preferred choice of communication. For some reason, what I want to say flows easily when I type (or write) the words instead of speaking them out. In th

I’m a daughter, a sister, an ex-wife, a friend, a doctor, a creator of mandalas and a writer who is constantly learning, shifting and growing to become the person my soul has intended for me in this lifetime.

To get to know me for me, feel free to drop by my blog @ Heartsongs